Greening The Earth

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Coming together to solve global challenges.


As the pace and severity of global warming increase and the world can no longer ignore demands for action, Greening the Earth extends the boundary for a universal climate change solution by delivering carbon offset for the embodiment of ESG values beyond the domain of listed companies to include non-corporations and individuals as well.


By delivering carbon credits that offset shopping emissions at no cost, Greening the Earth embraces ESG values for all to participate in a better, safer, and emissions-reduced world.


Greening the Earth introduces a network of 30,000+ global retailers and service providers for shareholders, staff, suppliers, and millions of online customers to participate in this exciting chapter for climate change mitigation by permanently remediating the soil to generate soil carbon credits and concurrently address ESG values.

You and members of your social network and your family and friends, customers, suppliers and stakeholders can participate in this free, zero-emissions online shopping opportunity to receive automatic discounts while supporting the Bunyuru project of the Tjilkaba/Scotdesco Aboriginal Community, by joining our rewards platform.


Greening the Earth Rewards

Join our free Rewards platform to support Greening the Earth while you shop online at any of our 30,000+ partner stores. Take advantage of exclusive discounts, offset carbon, address ESG values and restore the natural environment, at no extra cost.


Cop26 in Glasgow in November 2021 sent the world a powerful message that ESG values are the beneficial base for affirmative corporate action and responsible investing. 

The ESG values of today are the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) factors of yesterday and the clarion call for companies looking to do good, and for their customers and investors seeking to conduct business with socially conscious organisations.

The CSR sustainability agenda has since been replaced by the ESG values, which call for greater transparency and effort for the greater good. They are a collective consciousness for corporate operations and governance, instilling social and environmental values that define a company’s reputation and its commercial and legal realities.

They provide organisations with a shared set of social and environmental values, shaping corporate practices and public perceptions.

ESG standards can be challenging to measure and assess as they are qualitative, discretionary, and not codified. They build business resilience and long-term value but demand transparency and regular reporting to a range of stakeholders about a company’s socially responsible practices and their positive impact on the world.


The inspiration for ESG values and their forerunner was the collection of 17 interlinked global goals established by the UN in 2015 to achieve a sustainable global future by 2030, known as the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Greening the Earth projects deliver pivotal action for SDGs that link our practices to the environmental, social, and governance values of ESG.

SDGs are the “why”

ESG values are the “how”

Greening the Earth is the “means”

Greening the Earth projects open the door for SMEs and individuals to embed ESG values.

Previously this was the exclusive domain of major corporations. You can participate by donation, sponsorship or engaging in our projects, spreading the word via social media platforms – or simply by shopping online with our browser extension (at no cost to the user).

Greening The Earth supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:


Greening the earth delivers a better life for those who rely on the land, offering benefits that address climate change in addition to a suite of economic, environmental, and agricultural concerns by vastly increasing the amount of fertile land available for productive agriculture.

The flow-on effect addresses public health, social, and cultural issues for remote and indigenous communities, while generating accredited carbon offset that mitigates against global warming and claws back the adverse effects of climate change while supporting ESG values.


  • A host of permanent new jobs and fair and certain, long-term offtake agreements from improved farming and economic and sustainability activity for a better life on the land for Aboriginal and rural Australians living in remote parts of the country.
  • Improved farmland productivity and enhanced land values.
  • Increased grazing and cash crops for high-protein food and processing as antioxidants for wellness and medicinal use.
  • Reduced methane emissions from livestock.
  • An additional income stream for farmers from the sale of carbon credits.
  • Biomass opportunities for future renewable and dispatchable, net negative emissions energy – available 24/7 with nil storage needs and nil competition with food production.
  • Better living standards from increased community prosperity and flow-on opportunities for improved amenities for essential services such as education, health, social, sport and cultural events and facilities.
  • Fire retardant species – quick recovery from bush-fire and flash floods from soil management that protects oceans, rivers, and streams from effluent runoff.
  • Reduced desertification and topsoil loss from the permanent revival of degraded ecosystems and restoring natural wildlife habitat.

As well as facilitating SMEs and individuals to embed ESG activity within their corporate or personal culture – ACCUs may be generated in a manner that is surplus to the number needed for an emitter to achieve carbon neutrality.

These surplus ACCUs can be applied to offset the carbon footprint of other emitters as net negative carbon emissions to address Scope 3 emissions.

Greening the Earth Rewards

Join our free Rewards platform to support Greening the Earth while you shop online at any of our 30,000+ partner stores. Take advantage of exclusive discounts, offset carbon, address ESG values and restore the natural environment, at no extra cost.

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