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Coming together to solve global challenges.


Whether you are an individual or represent an organization, you can join the cause.

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Join our Subscriber Community to directly fund Greening the Earth projects, starting with the Bunyuru project. Come on the journey with us, receiving updates, exclusive content and an invitation to visit the community at Scotdesco.

Subscriptions benefits

As a subscriber, you are funding carbon offsets, with which you can potentially account for all of your carbon emissions and go neutral. You will also receive regular updates and exclusive content. 

You also receive an open invitation to visit the Tjilkaba/Scotdesco community to see the impact of your contribution for yourself, participate in the Bunyuru process if you wish, and experience the warmth and positivism of this innovative indigenous community.

Greening the Earth Rewards

Join our free Rewards platform to support Greening the Earth while you shop online at any of our 30,000+ partner stores. Take advantage of exclusive discounts, offset carbon, address ESG values, and restore the natural environment, at no extra cost.

Free Rewards Platform

Install our free browser extension which, at no cost to you, results in a commission for Greening the Earth to conduct its projects when you shop online at any of our 30,000+ partner outlets. 

After creating a free account with our rewards platform, you will be able to see your contribution tally increase over time as you facilitate the capture of carbon, regeneration of arid land and support for ESG values based on the UN’s SDGs. 

(Note the time taken for your tally to update depends on how each retailer conducts reporting so there can be a delay between your transaction and increasing your offset tally. This is normal. The longer you use the platform, the more you will see your tally grow!)

Business Opportunities

We can offer partnership, co-branding and affiliate packages so that your customers know that, by doing business with you, they are helping to solve the world’s ecological challenges, restore nature, offset carbon and support indigenous communities.

Reach out and start a dialogue with us to learn how Greening the Earth can integrate with your business and brand identity.

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